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 It is still in beginning stage. We are looking for members that have a genuine interest and knowledge about the breed with open discussions about all regarding our best dog breed APBT – American Pitbull Terrier – GAMEDOG. Forum NOT for buy & sell dogs, we are no peddlers and don’t like them either. Discuss all different Lines, like Eli, Chinaman, Redboy, Jocko… etc.

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No fussing about APBT’s history and what it has been breed for and yes  it is controversial but  the truth is the truth and those that see dog fights in breeding purpose as a bad thing then you need this Site & Forum to learn why theese dogs are wonderful dogs BEACUSE OF the genuine breedings done for 400 some years. We don’t approve or lay moral dilemmas in the truth. We don’t like dogfights in any other purpose then for breeding. We take long stand from todays missunderstandings about dog fights for money, we justify that it was necessary and played the most important role in getting this breed to what it is today. Too bad there’s mixed APBT’s that are manbiters and written about in the news. Not like a pure breed APBT with good psych should attack a human being just beacuse her/his mother/father was tested in the ring and got game. So that’s why i want this forum to be one of few serious forums there all can discuss open about anything regarding this breed.

We are a small community of people who want a place with knowledge about APBT. Also even everyone with a genuine interest but lack of knowledge are very welcome.

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